What is IAMTCS?

IAMTCS is a not-for-profit professional organization whose mission is to represent the medical transport communication specialist on an international level through education, standardization, and recognition.

Since our inception in 1989, our goals have included providing quality educational opportunities, fostering teamwork, and building recognition for communicators as professionals within flight programs. IAMTCS also provides a valuable networking resource within the medical transport industry.


Communicator of the Year 2024


We are accepting nominations for the 2024 Communicator of the Year!



Board of Directors Application


We are accepting applications to serve on the IAMTCS Board of Directors




In-Person Courses and Meetings

Thursday, June 27 - Friday, June 28, 2024
Communication Leadership Course - Apollo MedFlight - June 27th and 28th
Amarillo, Tx


Monday, July 15 - Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Certified Flight Communicator (CFC) - UCANN U Chicago Medicine - July 15th and 16th
Chicago, Illinois


Host programs receive a discounted rate!  If you are interested in hosting a class, contact us by hitting the button below!


Online Course Offerings


We are proud now to offer an ONLINE version of the CFC course. Powered by FlightBridgeED, the Certified Flight Communicator Course will now be provided virtually, delivering on IAMTC's mission to represent the medical transport communication specialist on an international level through education, standardization, and recognition. IAMTCS and FlightBridgeED share a joint vision of strategically developing, customizing, and delivering industry-leading education focused on increasing the user's knowledge level and promoting career advancement. To register and learn more, visit:


What do you want your crews to know, but are afraid to tell them???

We are looking for your feedback of what you wish you could tell your crews!  With enough responses, we will share this input from across the country at AMTC and give your questions or feedback!  If you would like to participate, click the form below!  Your responses are confidential unless you choose otherwise!



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Mission & Vision Statement


Our mission is to provide professional development, education, and advocacy in medical patient transport logistics for Operational Control, Air and Ground Communication Specialists. 

Our Vision is to be the premier solution in safety standards for Communication and Operational Control Centers through evolving education and enhancing professionalism within our community.

The Board of Directors has approved the new ByLaws and has been presented to the general membership for review.  The new ByLaws are signed and will be effective 01/01/2023   

IAMTC By-Laws 2023


IAMTCS Contact Information:

Lucas Stoflet president@iamtcs.org
Kenneth Panciocco Jr kpanciocco@iamtcs.org
Gene Garner treasurer@iamtcs.org
Katee Goff secretary@iamtcs.org
Membership membership@iamtcs.org
Education education@iamtcs.org
Questions help@iamtcs.org
Mailing Address

PO Box 535

Graham, WA 98338