IAMTCS Certifications


Certified Flight Communicator:
The Certified Flight Communicator Course is a 2-day certification developed for communication specialists in the Air Medical industry. Topics covered include Flight Following and Navigation, Map Reading skills, Aviation weather, Post Accident / Incident Plans, Stress Management, Public Relations, and Medical Terminology, to name a few. Following successful completion of the exam, status as a Certified Flight Communicator is earned.

Cost for the Certified Flight Communicator course is: $350 for students of host program, $400 for non host students

Communication Leadership Course:
The Communication Leadership Course: is a 2-day certification developed for communications center managers, lead communicators, and veteran communication specialists.  Topics covered include Time Critical Decision Making in Aviation, Advanced Aviation Weather, Team Communications & Briefing/Debriefing, Risk Assessments, Recruitment & Retention, Disaster & Emergency Preparedness, Stress Recognition & Sleep Deprivation, and Sharing Our Experiences & Knowledge. 

Cost for the Communication Leadership Course is: $400 for Members, $450 for Non-Members


We are proud to now offer an ONLINE version of the CFC course. Powered by FlightBridgeED the The Certified Flight Communicator Course will now be offered virtually, delivering on IAMTC’s mission to represent the medical transport communication specialist on an international level through education, standardization and recognition. Together, IAMTCS and FlightBridgeED share a joint vision of strategically developing, customizing, and delivering industry-leading education focused on increasing the knowledge level of the user and promoting career advancement. To register and learn more visit:

FlightBridgeED Online CFC Course




  1. Must be a paid member of IAMTCS during your 3 year certification period (membership will be verified). Paid membership = payment of annual membership dues to IAMTCS.

  2. Obtain a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education during your 3 year certification period.  All submitted hours must be topics outlined in the IAMTCS curriculum.  These hours may be obtained by one of the following methods:

Certified Flight Communicator Recertification Fees:

  • Individual Members $250 (Includes 3 year CFC and membership renewal)

  • Expired within 6 months can audit a class ($50.00) No test will be administered
  • Expired past 6 months will need to retake the course