Our membership consists of active communication specialists and administrative managers. Air medical flight programs and others associated with or interested in communications, are encouraged to join as associate members. All active members have full voting privileges on all issues and are encouraged to become involved in any of the committees within the association. Current committees include Education, Editorial and Steering, Safety and Membership.

The association is guided by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. The Board consists of a President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and eleven at-large members. The at-large members serve on various committees. One board member serves as the IAMTCS Representative to the AMTC Planning Committee and one appointed board member serves on the Commission for Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) Board. The Past President serves as advisor for one Year. The Board of Directors is also guided by a Medical Director.

As a member of IAMTCS, your input, suggestions, and assistance is encouraged and appreciated. Board members are available to assist with questions or concerns and always welcome your comments. If you are not a current member of IAMTCS, take a moment and join. Consider the following ways in which these IAMTCS Programs may be of value to you:

  • Communicator-specific courses certified for continuing education units offered at the Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC).

  • Certified Flight Communicator (CFC) and Advanced Flight Communicator courses, and the IAMTCS Training Manual, the standard textbook for air medical communication training, offer IAMTCS members the opportunity to learn efficient, proven techniques from some of the most successful communicators in the industry.

  • Ongoing standardization efforts including research into the establishment of a communicator certification program and pursuit of national, and international, minimum standards for air medical communications specialist training.

Communication Specialists face daily challenges and additional responsibility as air medical transport systems expand and change. The key to any organization's success is the involvement of its members. If you have the chance to travel to AMTC or participate in an IAMTCS CFC Course, take advantage of this opportunity to meet and interact with fellow communication specialists.