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Safety Management Training Academy

The Academy provides formal continuing education for individuals (and their organizations) interested in improving their understanding of safety systems theory and the application of that theory to the practice of medical transportation. Students will gain expertise and practical skills through formal didactic and participatory sessions designed to instill creative thinking and decision-making. Participants also obtain valuable insight into real life challenges by networking with industry leaders. The Academy operates with a rigorous approach to competency-based education, utilizing formal classroom hours, mandatory student participation, written testing, and a code of professional conduct. Due to the demands of the program, students will be expected to complete out-of-classroom assignments. Graduates of the first and 2nd year program will receive a two items: certificate of instruction and an OSHA certificate , and will be invited to participate in more in-depth programs on specific safety management topics offered in the future. Both years can be completed within a 12-month period.