Industry Partners

The Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association (also known as National Flight Nurses Association) is a nonprofit member organization whose mission is to advance the practice of transport nursing and enhance the quality of patient care through commitment to safety and education. Their vision statement is: "To be the world's most influential and respected source for transport nursing knowledge."

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The I-CAPP is dedicated to providing advocacy, leadership development and educational opportunities for Advanced Practice Paramedics practicing in traditional and non-traditional roles and environments. We strive to strengthen and unite critical caregivers to enhance safe, efficient, and quality patient care worldwide. Their mission statement is: " The mission of the I-CAPP is to provide advocacy, leadership, professional development, and education opportunities for specialty care paramedics."

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FlightBridgeED provides pre-hospital, critical care, and emergency medicine education for flight paramedics, flight nurses, critical care paramedics, and nurses working in critical care environments. We are proud to be recognized as the #1 advanced certification test preparation provider in the industry having helped more than 17,000 students from around the world successfully achieve their certification goals.

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We, the National EMS Pilots Association, will strive to help the Air Medical Transport industry prosper safely and enhance the delivery of pre-hospital health care. We will provide the leadership necessary to establish standards of operational safety and a forum for the dissemination of knowledge. This organization will continue to be a major advocate for positive change for our industry.
It is the shared vision of our membership to:

  • Continue to improve safety as our #1 priority 

  • Aggressively advocate on issues important to EMS pilots 

  • Provide programs and services for the education of pilots 

  • Provide the best and safest possible air medical services to our communities

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The Air Medical Physician Association (AMPA) is the largest professional organization of physicians dedicated to rotor wing (helicopter), fixed wing (airplane) and critical care ground transport. With over 400 members nationally and internationally the Association represents extensive expertise in the field of medical transport. Our members represent many medical specialties including Emergency Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and various Surgical Subspecialties. Their mission is: "The Air Medical Physician Association is an international organization committed to patient-focused, quality critical care transport medicine by promoting excellence in medical direction, research, education, safety, leadership and collaboration."

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ECHO was founded by operational flight programs to take advantage of joint training opportunities in a less formal environment at no/low cost to our members. It was created and designed as a way to utilize the wealth of knowledge and experience brought forth by individual flight programs and their crews. The training provides an opportunity for groups to discuss, brainstorm, and help resolve issues common to public safety and EMS flight programs.  These gatherings also provide flight crews the chance to share knowledge and gain insight from subject matter experts. Since then, ECHO has provided targeted training programs for tactical, search and rescue, and air medical. 

ECHO provides free to low-cost education, high-quality training programs, crew member and program support, and networking opportunities to public safety aviation members around the world.

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